Monday, September 17, 2007

Icy Goodness

A Sea Ice Brief was released today announcing the following:

"This year promises markedly different sea ice conditions
from the past 5+ years. Building on last year’s break-out,
this year the sea ice continues the return to more ‘normal’
conditions as McMurdo Sound recovers from the effects of the

What this means is that this easily could be the return of
vast amounts of open water, running all the way across McMurdo
Sound by February or March. The red line on the map shows
where the current ice edge is located (McMurdo is where the
circle is located). This photo was taken on September 15th
and shows present conditions. At this time "open water"
exists just north of Cape Royds. Lynn and I have not seen
open water across the entire Sound before so hopefully by
the time we come back for next winter all the ice will be

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