Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Packing-It-Up Blues

There are two times of year I really detest down
here. When you get here and when you leave. Not
for the obvious reasons of learning a job, making
new friends, etc. It's the packing-it-up and
storing of all of your possessions. Ugh. It's
pretty horrible. Picture moving. Most people
don't do it very often. We do it at least two
times a year. Since people coming back over a
few years tend to accumulate a fair deal of "stuff",
it can be daunting at best. Most departments have
"secret" places, tucked away in warehouses or work
centers that people within their department can
"store" things. Since we're trying to "lessen
our footprint on the continent", we have less
things to store every year, but we still have too
much "stuff". And just think, we get to do this
all over again in February...only in reverse!

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