Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Say Yes To Michigan!

Some people have cravings for certain foods...some
people have cravings for smells, flowers, or even
people. Today I've been craving...Michigan. Why?
I have no idea. I've looked at photos of touristy
Mackinac Island, reminisced about family vacations
there and even thought about the state motto,
Si quaeris peninsulam amoenam, circumspice
If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you.
And to top it all off, out of the blue, I played the
"where in the mitten" game with Amy from the store
today. She was telling me where she went to a
Wal-Mart in Cheboygan, at the top of the mitten.
Anyone who's ever lived in Michigan will show you
almost immediately where something is located by
placing their right hand up, palm facing you, and
show you where they are from or lived. Amy grew
up in the lower left end of the mitten in Kalamazoo,
while I used to live in the lower right side of the
mitten in Belleville. My sister Nancy, although
not a Yooper, lived off the mitten in Ishpeming.
But I digress. So tonight as Lynn was telling me
how she wanted to return to New England to visit
long-missed places of her childhood, I told her,
"I want to go to Michigan and drive all the way
around "Lake Michigan"..."My" when I
was a kid. Not much chance I will be visiting the
Great Lakes State soon...but if I ever seek a
pleasant peninsula...I will look about me.

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palach said...

I moved to Mackinac Island twelve years ago. It is a place that calls to you, once you know it well. The sad thing is that most people never leave downtown and think of it as 'touristy'. The real beauty and magic here is inside, up the hills, with all the woodsy trails and stunning vistas. Come back and find the real Mackinac. P.S. I don't work for the tourism bureau, I just love my chosen home.