Friday, October 26, 2007

Arrival in Prague

We arrived in Prague and Karel (Charlie???...not sure what
his name really was) picked us up at the airport and drove
us to our apartment that we rented for three nights. He
gave us a great little informational tour on our way and
we felt we knew a lot more about Prague than before. But,
when we got to the front door, it seemed, shall
I say, interesting. Apparently Prague has a rather large
graffiti problem, although no one seems to talk about it.

Walking into the door the hallway seemed rather Soviet-esque.
I had visions of old, toothless babooshka-wearing women
sticking their heads out the door chastising us for making
too much noise. Welcome to Eastern Europe!

We received a nice surprise however as the apartment was
nice and cozy and brightly painted yellow. It even has
cable tv, although I don't speak much Czech.

It's never hard to find the place though as we're right
across the street from Žižkov Television Tower, which at
216 meters, is the tallest structure in the Czech Republic.
Many Czechs strongly dislike the tower, seeing it as an
eyesore and monument to former Soviet oppression. They've
tried to "lighten up" the thing by attaching climbing babies
on the sides. These were created by Czech artist David Cerny

One of the Czech Republic's greatest exports is it's beer.
Specifically it's Pilsner-style beer. Although we're not
big beer drinkers, we definitely had a couple of these our
first night. We weren't alone. Czechs drink more beer
per capita than any other nation on earth.

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