Thursday, October 25, 2007

Congratulations CDG

Not exactly an honor, but Charles de Gaulle Airport
in Paris is now officially....drumroll please...

The Airport I Dislike The Most...IN THE WORLD!!!

I don't have a small statuette or trophy available that
they can place on their fireplace or a medal that someone
can wear, but I'm sure that I'm not the first that has given
them this dubious designation. It's decorated in modern ugly
and I've visited garbage dumpsters that have been cheerier.

There are these escalator-enclosure-things that make you
feel like a hampster, the tiniest of baggage claim areas
and everything seems under perpetual construction. To be
fair, this is only Terminal 1. Terminal 3 is very open,
airy and modern. However the airport employees seem like
they would rather spit on you than be friendly (Yes, I know...
these are the French). However, I've found most of the French
people to be very pleasant and helpful...just not at CDG.
Congrats've just passed up LAX as my least favorite
place to fly the world. Chin up LAX...You're still
my least favorite airport in the States.

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