Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Earthquake...What Earthquake?

After a blazing fast 4.5 hour flight, we arrived in
Christchurch at 8:30pm last night. Turning in our gear
was painless and we met up with friends at Dux for pizza
and a couple of beers. I was so tired, I collapsed into
bed at 10:30 and didn't feel any kind of earthquake, big
or small that we experienced this morning at 8:15am.
Supposedly it was a 5.6 magnitude a couple of hours drive
north of Christchurch near Hanmer Springs. So today we
went and gave our blood to start the PQ process, picked up
our rental car (it's getting way too easy to drive on the
left side of the road) and came back to the CDC to pick up
our bags from last night, and pick up our mail. This included
our new packs that we're going to be hauling across Asia and
Europe (Thanks Mom and Dad for mailing them). I'm totally
pscyched as we're having Indian food tonight with our friend
Carrie at "Two Fat Indians". We thought we had seen our
friend Nathan for the last time the other day when he left
on the flight before ours, but we saw him last night at Dux
and then twice more today. He's on his way in 1 hour to LAX
and then eventually to Paris (where he's going to sleep on
our hotel room floor the first night we get there!) and then
he's on to the south of France to live with his girlfriend.
So our first day in the real world moves along. Enjoyed the
smell of fresh cut grass (nice when you're not mowing it),
fresh flowers, the color green in general and a breeze blowing,
instead of a wind blasting you. I think I will like this new
thing called civilization.

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