Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Noise ... The Noise

Some people say that one of the things they miss when
on the Ice is the sound of children. Funny, because
most of these people don't actually HAVE children. I
for one find it a nice quiet existence. I'm not saying
the world should be without children. I mean, where
would we be in 100 or so years. Worm food as a species
on the Cockroach Planet. But children should be quiet.
Was I this noisy as a child? I like to think
that I wasn't. And...I had manners, or at least was
taught what manners were...even if I didn't listen to
my parents at a particular time. By staying at the
YMCA, we open ourselves up to all types of folks coming
and going at all times of day. However, I wasn't prepared
for the HUGE amounts of school children that visit the "Y"
on a daily basis. I think the jet engines of a C-17 make
less noise. Everyone under the age of 17 has to talk above
each other. HAS to be heard. Yes, I sound like an old
fuddy-duddy...but my head (and ears) hurt.

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