Saturday, October 06, 2007

Maybe Next Year ... AGAIN

Ernie Banks didn't play in today's playoff game
against the Arizona Diamondbacks, but I had to
show something positive about my lifelong
experience as a Cub Fan. Today was not the day
and yet again, 2007 was not the year. They lost
today for the last time this year and will be
sitting at home yet again watching other
teams jump up and down as the last out is made. They
played poorly, certainly didn't deserve to win and
now it's over. I won't have to worry about trying
to find out the score from a remote beach in Thailand,
from a busy street corner in Paris or a little cafe
in Prague. My Dracula-filled trip to Romania won't
be bothered by finding out if the Cubs won or not.
My journey through Poland will not be polluted by
dreams of finally seeing the Cubs win it all. I am
becoming one of those countless fans who is making
it through their entire life without seeing them win.
My brother, sisters
and I, my nephews and niece...Four generations of
watching the same team lose and lose and lose. I am
a bit disheartened. Maybe next year...sigh.

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