Monday, October 15, 2007

Yellow Fever

My Mom would love Thailand because yellow is her
favorite color. It also seems to be the favorite
of the Thai People who wear Yellow...A LOT!
Different colors represent different days of the
week, and Yellow is for Mondays and Monday was
the day on which the King, Bhumibol Adulyadej was
born. Thus, yellow is his royal color. It's not
just on Mondays though. Yellow is everywhere.
On boats, on buildings, and during the coup against
the Prime Minister six months ago (not against the
King) the rebels' AK-47s had Yellow Ribbons attached
to them. Quite a diffent meaning than "Tie a Yellow
Ribbon" from the USA. Three of the four people I can
see from this internet kiosk are wearing yellow shirts.
So I'm enjoying the color more than before. The song
"Yellow" by Coldplay has been going through my head a
lot the past few days, and I certainly have a new
appreciation of all things Yellow.

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