Thursday, November 08, 2007


Dzień Dobry from Poland!

After a great week at our friend Dani's in Bucharest,
Romania and seeing the great towns of Sibiu, Sighisoara
and Brasov (including Dracula's Castle in Bran) we're
in the old capital of Poland...Krakow. Lynn and I
love Krakow and the people are super-friendly and there's
definitely no shortage of things to see. Eating great
food, including Pierogies! Plus, in the next few
days we'll be visiting Auschwitz, the Salt Mines in
Wieliczka and taking the train to Warsaw. And then our
long, around the world travels will take a much needed
break in the Chicago area at my parents' house. A small
holiday from our holiday. Lots to see yet and even more
to share on blog entries from our trip once I get reliable
internet access. Next time will be from the States!


Lori Murray said...

I love peirogies. Especially stuffed with onion & mashed potato. I'm glad you're having a good trip.

dani said...

hey there you two...just checking to see if you have made it fine...and it looks like it....nice shot from romania...and you left a second mactown shirt here in the laundry...should i bring it to the states and mail it your way???? it was great having you here...the week has been empty of fun without you....but really full of work....yuck!!! some good looking things for the job front, but will tell more when i know more...enjoy poland for me...and have a non-meat filled peirogie for me too :) and don't forget the shot of bison grass soon...peace out....dani

Anonymous said...

Very nice place. You are very lucky.

Unknown said...

Hey Dani...Lynn left the shirt there for you! We had a great time visiting. Don't work too hard and thanks for everything!

dani said...

you guys rock!!!! safe travels back to the states...grading hell has now ended for the moment for me...hopefully the week will be mellow...but you just never know...might be headed to bulgaria for the weekend next week...very exciting...hope you have loved soon and thanks again for the awesome soon....dani