Thursday, November 15, 2007

LOTsa Luck

Back to the United States we have returned. It's great
to be back, visiting my parents and ready to enjoy the
holiday season. But...the flight home was interesting...

Turn back the time machine to a couple of months ago.
Look...there's Tom. Planning out his and Lynn's Around
The World Adventure. Picking airlines from a list of
Star Alliance choices. Choosing LOT Polish Airlines
because he wants to try the National Airline of one
of his ancestral the "hometown"
folks a try. Uh...not such a good idea. LOT might
be on it's way up, but they've got a ways to go. The
planes are old, the seats uncomfortable, in-flight
meals are "interesting" and it's the closest I've felt
to riding on a Greyhound Bus since I last rode on a
Greyhound 1986. Also, a woman passed out in
the aisle, the average age of passengers seemed to hover
somewhere near 90 and there were no fewer than 12 wheel
chairs waiting for passengers upon departing at O'Hare.
All this was compounded with the fact that the crew really
seemed unhappy (can you blame them?) and every passenger
seemed to "have" to use the bathroom at least 6 times
each during the flight. When we landed roughly, half the
plane applauded! Not sure if they were just happy to
reach the ground, or if this is a new Polish national
tradition I'm not aware of. At least the flight was
interesting. Will I fly LOT again? Hmmm...let's see
when they get their new Boeing planes. In the meantime,
I'll stay away from the mystery meat cube and the "Live"
Pet Shop Boys concert being shown on the wipeboard at the
front of the plane. Top Notch!


kay said...


I hate flying.


Anonymous said...

Glad to have you back in the states. I can't say that Air India or Air Plus are any better. You'll have to shoot me a line when you are back in Colorado.