Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I grew up fairly lucky. I was blessed to live in an
area that had a good library system. Although it joined
the Porter County Public Library System long after I moved
away from home, making it even better, the Hebron Public
Library was always a great resource for reading materials
It was the last Carnegie Library in the State of Indiana,
and Lynn and I try to visit this great place every time we
visit my parents. Today was no different, and going in
the middle of the morning, we practically had the place to
ourselves. Lynn even found a really hard to find knitting
book for sale in the Friends of the Library section. They
totally remodeled the library a few years ago, doing a fine
job of keeping the integrity of the architecture, while making
it modern and user-friendly. They even have free wi-fi
available throughout the building now. It's come a long way
since I attended "Story Hour" there with Mrs. Spindler when
I was 4 or 5 years old.

Even though we aren't consciously trying to visit every library in NW Indiana,
(even though it seems that way) we drove to Valparaiso and
checked out...(ha..pun intended) the flagship branch of the
Porter County Library System and checked out quite a few books
there as well (yes, we are exciting people). They have the best
travel section of almost any library I've ever been to and I'm
already doing some preliminary planning for our next trip, once
we get off the Ice in August.

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Anonymous said...

I remember the Hebron library. I think we used to sing at the beginning of story hour:
"Good morning to you,
good morning to you,
we're all in our places,
with bright shining faces.
We'll make the walls ring,
as our song we sing!"
Or did I dream that?