Wednesday, November 28, 2007

New Antarctic Map

Yesterday, NASA unveiled a map produced in conjunction with
the USGS, the NSF, and the British Antarctic Survey that is
expected to revolutionize how the continent is viewed. "The
map is a realistic, nearly cloudless satellite view of the
continent at a resolution 10 times greater than ever before
with images captured by the NASA-built Landsat 7 satellite.
With the unprecedented ability to see features half the size
of a basketball court, the mosaic offers the most geographically
accurate, true-color, high-resolution views of Antarctica possible."

It can be found at:

However, it's unfortunate that only a very few who are currently
in Antarctica will be able to view the map at this time as
internet connect speeds there are very slow and this particular
website is a monster to download.

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Anonymous said...

Funny that you blogged about this today as I was just looking at the site and cursing it for how slow it was loading. It does look cool, though.

-Sheri in Antarctica