Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Our Ice-friend Carrie is here today, visiting us for a
day before heading on to see her Mom in Ohio (Your Mom!)
Other than having a really great visit with her, there's
not a lot of "touristy" type attractions in this area so
inadvertantly, Carrie got the Hamann family history tour
of South and Central Porter County visiting or seeing the
following famous attractions:

Location of Tom's childhood home!
Tom's Mom's Birthplace!
Tom's Dad's childhood home and long walk (both ways) to school!
Location of Tom's birth!
Location where Tom and Lynn were married!
Location of Tom and Lynn's wedding reception!
Location where Tom's Dad used to work!
Valparaiso's only roundabout!

You can't buy better entertainment than this!


Sheri said...

Man, that Carrie is one lucky lady - getting to see the site of Tom's birth!?!

Missing you guys and enjoying the blog but your presence isn't far from our thoughts as we have some of your Christmas lights hanging in our room (courtesy of Kaska and Kevin)....hope you don't mind!

Holiday greetings from Sheri and Michiel

Anonymous said...

If Carrie is still there, tell her I said hi. Miss you guys, and I hope to meet up in Colorado soon.