Friday, November 23, 2007

Shopping In Toto

Rising high above the small town of Toto, Indiana is a
large Indian (Native American). Not sure how he arrived
there but he's a landmark of the tiny town, about 30 miles
east of my parents. It's also home to "Richards of Toto"
and "Bailey's Discount Center", which for some reason,
calls itself "America's Bargain Capital".

It might be an over-exaggeration to call it a Bargain Capital,
but Bailey's is fun to walk through; to look at some of the cool
stuff that no other people wanted. It's basically a clearing-
house of items that didn't sell at other stores, so Bailey's
buys it and sells it at highly reduced prices. This even
includes canned vegetables with dents (Yum!) and some kind of
jellied candy that had a mystery powder oozing inside the bag.
I'm not even going to guess what that contained. Our friend,
Leza is visiting Lynn and I from D.C. so we couldn't resist
dragging her down the road to this Mecca of Discounts...Yes,
that too would be an exaggeration. It's more of a Shopping
Valhalla....Hmmm...not quite right either....How about a store
with neat junk, down the road from a big Indian. Yep...that
about sums it up.


Chasing Penguins said...

Wow. That's one big native american!

Anonymous said...

That Indian looks like he is saluting Hitler.


Hey its the same Indian statue from Enchanted forest.