Thursday, November 22, 2007

Shaped Like The Can

This morning, in anticipation of the Thanksgiving Day
feast to come, I took time out to read one of the three
newspapers that my parents receive every morning. (Of
course several forests were slain to provide the pulp
for all of the post-holiday shopping sale inserts). I
tossed the sales inserts aside and a story about the
Presidential Holiday Menu at Camp David caught my eye.
Our menus would be VERY similar:

They had turkey ... We would have turkey
They had mashed potatoes ... We would have mashed potatoes
They had Jellied cranberry molds ... We have cranberry molds???

Yes...Our cranberry sauce comes in a mold. But not some
fancy-schmansy kind of mold that a chef from the Culinary
Institute might create. Ours is the cheap and easy mold.
They come with every the product every time you purchase
jellied cranberry sauce. It's shaped like the can. What
is more of a American tradition than cranberry sauce
shaped like the can. I'm really surprised that someone
hasn't marketed an idea to have cranberry cans shaped like
famous Vermont...(collect all 50 states)
or famous Oliver Wendell Holmes (collect
every can of Cranberry Sauce shaped like the Supreme Court
Justices). The marketing possibilities are endless. But
alas, the molds only come shaped like a aluminum can. A
wasted opportunity I'm sure. Several times in the past,
my mother or other relatives have tried to sneak in
Cranberry Sauce that included whole berries. Nope...wouldn't
have any part of it, this family of mine. Un-American!
Almost Communist! Where's McCarthy when you need him?

Give us our Cranberry Sauce...Shaped Like The Can!


That 1 Guy said...

Heheheheh... great idea on the molds, Tom!

Hope you and yours had a great holiday.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, you had deviled eggs - lucky! Mom served jellied cranberries shaped like a can AND the whole berry kind. What does that mean (other than leftover cranberries)?

Unknown said...

You know I'm thinking of you two.