Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cubs Sign Fukudome

My ears hurt when I imagine how Ron Santo will butcher the
pronunciation of his name and Harry Caray would spell it
backwards Emodukuf...which isn't much better. Regardless, it
was announced tonight that the Cubs had signed outfielder
Kosuke Fukudome, formerly of the Japanese Central League team,
the Chunichi Dragons. (If you've ever seen the movie,
Mr. Baseball, this is the team that Tom Selleck plays for)
With Chunichi, he won the Central League MVP in 2006. The
Cubs reportedly are going to give him $48-50 Million over
the next four years. Since this is the 100th Anniversary of
their last World Series Title, the Cubs can't afford to be
thrifty. They've made some good moves this off-season by
subtracting some bad eggs off the team and look to be even
better than their division winning team of 2007. Hopefully
they will be, because I doubt I'll be around for the 200th
Anniversary of their last World Series Title...in 2108!
I'd only be 142 years old!

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