Monday, December 10, 2007


Yes, I know I earn my living working in a place where
there's always some kind of ice around. Duh, they
don't call it the COLDEST, highest, driest continent
for nothing. But...I'm not there right now...and I'm
pretty darn sick of ice storms. This is Northwest get snow, not ice, in December. March
maybe...December not so much.

Let's do I easily explain how it gets old
after a while...
When people ask if I get tired of it being dark all the
time at McMurdo, I explain that if there is no chance
of seeing the sun, you don't get your hopes up that
you'll actually see it. When you're in a place like
Chicago or Seattle in the winter, you get your hopes
up that you might see the sun...since you haven't seen
it for 20-something days in a row. Then you get bummed
out that the sun isn't out...again! The same with ice.
If you're in expect Chicago, no.

We've had three ice storms just since we've been here.
It could be worse. Parts of Oklahoma received over an
inch of ice yesterday...we got 1/8 inch. (Yes, we
actually measured it) However, any ice is too much for me.
In two months in Antarctica, no problem. For now,
here in the Midwest...big problem. I'm tired of it.

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