Saturday, December 08, 2007

Oh Baby! don't see someone for 18 months and what do they
do? They go have a baby. Geesh! We visited our friend
Belinda and her little boy, Joshua today. We've met Joshua
before...he just wasn't in this particular molecular shape.
He was definitely much smaller, in a confined space and
didn't get a lot of sunlight. (That almost sounds like
wintering at McMurdo!). The last time we saw him was when
Belinda was expecting so we were long overdue for a visit.
And is this boy smart! Just 14 months old, Belinda can read
the first line of a book (by memory...she's read them to Josh
so many times) and he will walk to his room and pick out the
exact book. Plus...he's an international connoisseur of fine
food. We went to an Indian Restaurant for lunch and he loved
the murgh makhani. However...he definitely had a "This must
be what evil tastes like" look on his face when trying the
chutney. Can't say I blame him much there...Chutney...yuck!

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