Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Sanitized for Your Protection

In an airport a couple of weeks ago, I came across the best
hand dryer I'd ever seen (or used). (Bear with me...this post does
actually get better...I promise) It was called the Xlerator.
I think this is a vague reference to the Terminator...
I'll be dry you!
Imagine a bodybuilder with a bad Austrian accent in the ads.

According to their website, it will dry hands 3 times faster than
the competition (there is competition?) and will completely dry
the customer's hands in 10-15 seconds:

"The result of a two-year research project, in which we studied every
detail of the hand-drying process, with countless hours of field
testing, listening to what users had to say, and, as a result,
developed the patented technology behind the best hand dryer in the

To be honest, it was a great hand dryer and it really did take only
ten seconds to dry my hands. On the other hand (ha...pun intended),
It has to be tough to be the marketing department with this company...
to give page after page of props for something that dries your hands
in a public bathroom.

Elsewhere in bathroom cleanliness news...

Last year, I sang the praises of the toilets at O'Hare airport in Chicago
that have rotating toilet seats that deliver a fresh, sanitized surface
for each customer here.
Unfortunately, while recently flushing my troubles away, my toilet
seat was not refreshed with a new cover, even though the water did
go down to who knows where. Lynn made the same observation, and since
it's highly unlikely that we used the same toilet, the City of Chicago:

A: Is hiring lazy employees that aren't doing their job (NO WAY!!!)
B: Has two defective toilets on it's hands (Highly possible)
C: Is saving bucks by turning off the little switch that makes these run

I vote for option C:

I mean really...who's going to notice that their toilet seat wasn't
changed. One gets grossed out for a few seconds and then gets
back to being ticked-off at United Airlines again after leaving
the bathroom (a whole other story of excrement)...but I digress...
Most people wouldn't give it a second thought...except those with
access to the Blogosphere...and too much time on their hands...

So beware the toilets of O'Hare. They're certainly not sanitized for
your protection...

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Anonymous said...

Tom, Tom, Tom.....only you would blog about the "sanitized" toilets at O'Hare! LOL Having traveled through there innumerable times and visited these same type toilets, I can so sympathize. Of course, it IS kinda fun to see the plastic move around the toilet seat....
Safety Geek Linda