Friday, January 25, 2008

6869 Miles That-A-Way

Our friend Carrie told me via email that I was
having a "rousing" day at the Y and I needed to "
get out of there". Also, something about hookers
and sausages but that's another story for another
time. I took the bus to New Brighton. One of
my favorite Christchurch spots and only 20
minutes away. As long as we've been coming here,
I've never walked on the pier. So I took a short
walk on a long pier (not the other way around).
There's no sign to mark it (why would there be?)
but this spot is exactly 6869 miles from where
I last saw the Pacific Ocean about 10 days ago in
San Diego...see, right over can almost
make it out. Well...not so much...but it's there...
I'm sure of it.

It was pretty windy so there were a lot of surfers
out and about trying to catch the small waves that
were coming in. It's odd to see surfers from above
as I captured a shot of this guy from on top of the

The International Busker Festival is in town until Sunday
and these two guys from Asia were walking up and down the
pier, posing for photographs with people. I thought this
was a funny sight as the man taking their photo definitely
shows the contrast between East and West.

And of course while I was in New Brighton, I had to visit
one of my favorite Libraries in the world. Not necessarily
for it's book selection, but for it's location, at the head
of the pier. I grabbed a couple magazines, sat amongst
pensioners and got some major relaxation in while watching
the waves come in.

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