Saturday, January 12, 2008

Cheapest In The Nation

Oh is the time we leave Grand Junction.
Just when there's a good chance that the gasoline
here is arguably the cheapest in the nation. It
was reported that as a state, Colorado has the
cheapest average gas price in the contiguous 48
states at $2.89 per gallon...and that's just the
state average. You can get gas at the Bradley
Sinclair stations for $2.81 per gallon. How has
it come to this that we think $2.81 is cheap! Boy
have the oil companies brainwashed us! Lynn and
I are leaving Colorado tomorrow to visit Lynn's
Mom in San Diego. Sad to say, California has the
most expensive gas prices in the nation at $3.35
per and arm...but they're giving you
a break by not taking your leg. Just to give you
an idea of the wacky up/down of gas prices, the
national average is $3.10. I'm glad that in a few
weeks I won't be driving least until
August. By then they'll be wanting both the arm
AND the leg!


Zondra said...

It's $4.30/gal here in Nome, Alaska. I'm glad I don't own a car here.

Momma Bear said...

Actually.. that's about the price of gas here in San Antonio as well! I'm linking to your page.. via a mutual friend.. Angela! (Antarctica) Anyhow.. thought I'd be a peep and take a look see! My blog is on Multiply.. and it sometimes cross-posts to Google.

Nice to meet you! Cherei