Saturday, January 12, 2008

In-N-Out Burger

I could never live in California. Too many people,
too many cars, too much EVERYTHING! However, there
is one redeeming quality to California. It's home to
In-N-Out Burger. We LOVE In-N-Out Burger.
We stopped tonight on the way from LAX to San Diego and
try to make it a definite stop every time we come to
San Diego. They only have half a dozen items on the
menu and each location is always packed...always. It
doesn't matter what time of day you go there. The
reason for this you ask?

1. Quality...The food is awesome even if not super healthy
2. Price...The most expensive item on the menu is less than $3
3. Friendliness...All the employees are smiley-smiley
4. Cleanliness...The place is always spotless

All the right reasons to go someplace to eat. The people
who own the company must be making a fortune. It's great
to see people with all of the qualities I listed succeed.
The closest to us in Grand Junction is in Las Vegas, seven
hours away...I smell a road trip in the future!

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