Monday, January 07, 2008

End of a Nice Visit

We hopped on several planes today and made it to
Grand Junction. It was sad to leave my Mom and
Dad's house because we had such a good time visiting
with them. Lynn and I joke that since we probably won't
ever get to retire, it's nice to spend our three month
breaks off the Ice being able to do things like visit
Mom and Dad for an extended time. If we had normal jobs,
we would only get to see them less than a week per year.
We'll be back though in less than a year and I know our
next visit will be just as fun.

It was great visiting with Carrie during our drive to
O'Hare. It made an otherwise unsavory trip much more
pleasant. Carrie's off to India next month so she'll be
coming through O'Hare soon as well. Two of our bags were
overweight so we had to pay extra, but we'll be able to
get reimbursed since it's part of our trip down to the Ice.
For once, I really don't have any major beefs against
United. We were stuck in middle seats but it was a fairly
pleasant flight. One very cool thing happened though while
we were waiting in line at O'Hare. Out of the corner of my
eye, I caught sight of a really large plane flying really
low over the airport. It was Air Force One! I told Lynn
to look quick and in a few seconds it was gone. I saw
Air Force Two (The Vice President's Plane) once when I
lived in Detroit and even have a matchbook from the plane,
and we saw Marine One (The President's Helicopter) fly
directly over us once in D.C., but this was definitely a
cool experience as well.

After leaving DIA, we flew into our 16th airport of our
travels since leaving the Ice. Grand Junction has a great
little airport and the place was practically empty by the
time we got there at 8pm. We're renting a car for the four
days we're here since we no longer own a car and they up-
graded us to a Mustang at the same price. Very cool, but
since we needed lots of trunk and backseat room for our
bags we ended up with a Corolla...hmmm. Not so much fun,
but probably better off. The great thing about this
flight into GJ is that it marks Lynn's final leg of her
Around the World Trip. I had completed my RTW trip when
we flew into Chicago but Lynn left from Grand Junction.
Both of us are now officially Around the World travellers!

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