Sunday, January 06, 2008

Unseasonably Warm

As I type this, it is 59 degrees Fahrenheit January. Not the type of weather that one
expects in the Midwest this time of year. I'm sure it's
all because of global warming...(insert sarcasm here).
But it did cancel 200 flights out of O'Hare today because
of fog. It seems that O'Hare is having it's problems
this winter with cancellations. The threat of a heavy
morning dew seams to be good enough reason for a flight
schedule to be interrupted. However, I'm a bit nervous
though as we have our flight to Colorado tomorrow. We
don't need any more delays (and yes, I knocked on wood
as I typed this). On the bright side (or not so bright
side) I have a pretty crummy cold. One of those nose runs
forever, sneezing a million times in a row, somebody is
standing on your sinuses kind of colds. But at least on
the plane I'll get all of those healthy folks flying with
me to give me their healthy germs...or is the other way
around...will I give them my unhealthy germs? I forget
which way thing works (wink wink). On the brightest note
though, our friend Carrie is on her way through town to
visit in Chicago so she stopped for the night. We had
a great time visiting with her this afternoon and this
evening, Lynn cooked Carrie and I, and my Mom and Dad
a wonderful chicken dinner! Yum! And for my dessert,
my Mom made a Apple Pie! The 7th Apple Pie since we got
here in early November! Yum times Seven!!! She's a great
baker, my Mom. So tomorrow, we head out and Carrie is nice
enough to drive us to O'Hare. Much better than that darn
bus. Ugh! It will be sad to go, but our adventure is just


Anonymous said...

Have a great year on ice! I'm so envious.....but I keep thinking next year, next year. It is also very warm here in Iowa. Although I have shoveled more snow and chopped more ice since I've been home than I did a whole year on the ice! ugh! Have a good trip!!

That 1 Guy said...

Hope you made your flight.

I flew into O'Hare when I came home for Christmas. Just beat the delays created by the heavy fog. I flew out on the 30th instead of the 31st... just missed some more delays.

Normally, I'm not that lucky. :)