Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Although it's tempting, and would be much more enjoyable
to talk about my friend Susie's hometown airport of Sioux
City, Iowa (Airport Code SUX), I feel obligated to discuss
the disaster that is Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).
Now before you think harshly of me to belittle a major
transportation hub such as this, I have some experience here:

1) Have flown into or out of LAX 14 times over the past 6 years
2) LAX is our 18th airport flown to since October
3) Have flown into CDG (Paris)...and it REALLY sucks!

So with that said...I hate LAX...oh wait, maybe that wasn't clear...

I HATE LAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow...I feel better already. Blogging is great...saves thousands
of dollars on valuable psychotherapy sessions.
I won't go into the horrible details of why I despise this airport
so much. You know...slander laws and all, but if you really
want to know what an incompetent operation (oops...there goes
that slander law thing) this is, just ask me sometime. I could
go on for hours...

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andrea said...

Last we heard, more than 1100 bags have been lost between LAX and AKL. We are averaging about 7 bags lost per every C-17 flight this calendar year so far. Oh the joys of travel!