Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Lost Day

I wish that airlines would be technically caring enough
to offer internet service to those of us in "steerage"
on Trans-Pacific flights...but alas, no. While the
First Class and Business Class folks are having grapes
peeled for them and scantily clothed nymphs are sighing
at their feet, those of us in "cargo class" are jotting
down ideas of what to blog about on a 13 hour flight
that crosses the International Dateline and leaves a
odd gap in one's blog calendar. This is the Lost Day.
Everyone crossing the Big Pond experiences it. If you
never fly back, it's lost forever. Weird questions go
through your head. If you flew back and forth constantly,
would you never age? What exactly does E=MC2 mean anyway?
Who invented cheese in a can...and why? No wait...that
thought was in my head already and has nothing to do with
the Date Line. Nevertheless, January 16th, 2008 is a date
which will live in infamy. Well, maybe not infamy, but
all the same, it is the Lost Day. It led a good life, it
worked hard, I'm sure it had a family that loved it. It
will be missed.

1 comment:

Momma Bear said...

Hey.. it beats leaving on Christmas Eve.. and losing an entire Christmas Day!

My son lost a day right after Christmas last year (2007)! lol... he was flying from US to China.