Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday in San Diego

Lynn's sister, Lenlee flew down today from the Bay Area to
visit us for the day. It had been a couple of years since
we saw her so it was a nice visit. She has a killer job
with Apple in Cupertino as a HR specialist hiring people
to be software designers. The weather was beautiful today.
It's funny that every time we come here the weather always
seems to be crappy and you always hear how great the weather
is. Well, today the weather lived up to it's reputation and
was 70 degrees without a cloud in the sky. We went to
breakfast in the hoity toity town of La Jolla, just north
of the city. There were tons of people at a antique car
show so it was impossible to find a parking place.
We ate at The Brockton Villa Restaurant overlooking the
Cove. Good food and actually not super pricey.

San Diego is a beautiful city and it's skyline seems to change
every time we're here. We saw a huge cruise ship docked right
next to downtown. These supposedly make quick jaunts down to
the Mexican Riviera. Tonight, many of the buildings were lit
in Blue and Yellow for the Chargers, who upset the Indianapolis
Colts today in the NFL playoffs.

Lynn, Lenlee and I took a trip to get out of the house to the
exclusive town of Coronado where we gulped down some Starbucks
on the main drag. It was a perfect evening for weather as it
cooled down a little and there wasn't any wind at all. Why
can't evenings be like this in McMurdo. I was hesitant to take
the Coronado Bridge back across San Diego Bay because I thought
they charged an exhorbitant toll, but a few years ago they
removed the tolls (what a good idea!). It's a huge bridge and
is over 200 feet tall. So tall that even the largest aircraft
carriers from the nearby Naval Station can pass underneath. At
the end of the day, we took Lenlee back to the airport and
commented how much it looks like Christchurch's airport. Only
a few more days and we'll be there.

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