Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What's In A Name?

First of all...this photo really has very little
to do with this post, except that I found it a totally
ridiculous use of a historical photo (A South Vietnamese
Police officer assassinating a suspected Viet Cong soldier,
and yes, I know this isn't a Starbucks sponsored ad).
Kind of like the Song "Revolution" being used to sell Nikes
or a photo of Che Guevara on t-shirts and lunch boxes.
But I digress...

A few days ago I was discussing with some Kiwis the fact that
you can't order an Americano in New Zealand. That makes
perfect sense...It's a Long Black. Pretty straight forward.
Well, today, I stopped by Starbucks in the Square and ordered
a "Medium" Long Black. I was informed that they can make me
a "Regular" Long Black or a "Medium" Americano. Uh...a Medium
Americano please. Columbus placed the Spanish Flag, on the
New World, Armstrong planted the American Flag on the Moon.
Starbucks has now planted the "Americano" in New Zealand.
It's definitely becoming a smaller, more homogenized world. the way, don't ever ever take your coffee into the
Christchurch Public Library. I saw a student drinking their
cuppa the other day so I thought I would do the same. Stupid
me! An authoritarian figure informed me that that type of
drink is strictly not allowed in the library. I drank the
offending beverage immediately to avoid trouble and a few
minutes later, she came back to see if I was finished and then
took the cup and threw it into the rubbish. No sign of anarchy offending cups to be found. Nothing to see here...
Move along...Good thing she didn't find my Che Guevara Lunchbox!

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