Thursday, January 31, 2008

Gentlemen, Start Your Trolleys

For many, the time preceding Christmas is the busiest
shopping time of the year. However, for those headed
south to the Ice, the first week of February (for
Winterovers) or first week of October (for Summer folk)
are definitely the least in Christchurch.
You see...even though they do feed us at McMurdo, it's
pretty institutional. It's not the cooks''s
what they're given to work with. They do miracles with
some of the products. But...being isolated for six plus
months, you need some of the comfort foods and items that
you're not going to get for a while. So I wheeled my
trolley (shopping cart) down the aisles of New World
today and managed to get some of the things we need,
or least want...not so sure about the "need" factor.
I ran into a friend the other day that bought over
$500 worth of groceries to send down. That's a bit
excessive, but she was also buying for other people too.
That's the trouble...when people find out you're in
Christchurch and they're down on the Ice, you immediately
become their "resource". Kind of like a dealer...Psst..
I have some rice crackers and avocados...sell them to you
cheap. But to be honest, I ask a few friends and they get
Tom's "special deal". Aren't I a nice guy? Hmm...maybe not.
I still have to go back tomorrow for items that won't
sit well unrefrigerated but that can wait. Also, if
you buy more than $50 worth of groceries, you get a coupon
that gives you 4 cents off each liter of gasoline bought.
Kind of the Kiwi way to boost the economy I suppose. So
the next time you see someone buying 4 jars of mayonaise,
10 of milk, 16 packages of rice crackers, don't look at
them strangely...they just might be going somewhere.

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Lori Murray said...

I grew up shopping like this. Most families only got to Anchorage once a year, or less. It was a long and expensive flight. So whenever someone had to 'go to town' for any reason, everyone else gave them a list of 'stuff' to bring home. Fresh vegies, etc. Plus when we got older, it was common to stop on the way to the airport for a bucket of KFC or 2 big bags of McDonalds burgers to stuff in your carry on bag.