Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Back For More

Another flight, another season. Today finds me back
on the Ice for another winter. A five hour flight, landing
in a very snowy wonderland at one time felt like we were going
to turn around and repeat the five hour process all the way back
to Christchurch. But with several "Distinguished Visitors"
aboard, including several Generals and a Rear Admiral, landing
was the inevitable conclusion of Flight AZM-046. Granted,
with gravity working against us, "Landing" is always inevitable,
but in an orderly fashion is always nice. so here I am for the
next seven months. I won't see Lynn much for the next few days
as she is working the night shift for vessel offload, but I did
get to see lots of good friends, asking them "How was your summer?"
about a million times. I should just get a t-shirt with those
words printed on it. Strangely though, people think I look "tan".
These are the same people who looked "orange" to me in August and
I was pasty white. Funny what comes around goes around.

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