Monday, February 04, 2008

Deployment Depression

I have a malady. Nothing that you would find in the
New England Journal of Medicine, but it's ironic that
Lynn, a one-time New Englander, has coined the phrase:

Deployment Depression

Deployment Depression strikes when you have just had the
last four months off work and you suddenly realize that
you have to go back to work. Ugh. As my Mom and I
discussed this afternoon when we spoke on the phone;
the bills don't get paid by themselves. Why is that?
They should. Especially in this day and age of electronic
bill paying and automatic deductions. Unfortunately there
has to be something in the checking account to
enable those bills to be paid. Hence this whole going to
work thing. Again...Ugh.

So Deployment Depression started to hit me a couple of
days ago. There really is only one cure (and staying
unemployed unfortunately is not it). The cure is to go
back to work; go back to the Ice, and get going on the
next seven months of my life. The Depression will disappear
almost immediately. I will see Lynn for the first time in
two weeks. I will see old friends. I will be really busy
for the next month. No drugs will be necessary to rid
myself of the depression. It's all a matter of time. was good to know you, but I must move on.


Matthew said...

I've been meaning to ask - how did you get Raytheon to let you go to NZ a couple weeks early? Bec and I had to fight tooth and nail to let her "deploy" to NZ a week earlier than we were scheduled. Glad they let you hang out in Christchurch while waiting to go though.

Benjamin said...

I was wondering the same. My unemployment is going to be running out soon. I should find a job or something. Great pics for your blogs recently.

Tom said...

Lynn and I were finishing up our RTW (Round The World) tickets so we got to fly down together even though she had to report on Jan. 22 and me on Feb. 5, effectively saving the company the price of a ticket (no we don't get reimbursed). It was the first time we got to fly from LAX to CHC since 2001.