Tuesday, February 19, 2008

DA Scheduling Hell

Normally, I would have to say that this is a fairly joyful
time of year. People who have been here all summer are
dreaming of travel and getting ready to leave, while those
who are wintering, are dreaming of having the next six
months of relative quiet, concentrating on their jobs and
settling in. Ah...not so fast. This year is Part II of
the winter of our discontent. In other words...Dish Washing!
Again, I am tasked with completing the monthly Dining
Attendant schedule for everyone in the community. Very very
few are exempt and everyone must pitch in. This year, to
throw a monkey into the wrench, we have an extended season,
expanding summer into the third week of April which adds
about 90 people to the population and complicates completing
the schedule even farther.

This department can't work these particular hours.

That department can't work on this day on the week of the
23rd, but can work on the week of the 28th instead.

That person's looking at me funny.

They're picking their nose...
Stop touching me...
If I have to stop this car!!!

So you get the idea

So I spent most of the day trying to figure out how
"Everyone can just get along"...I feel like Rodney King!

And this is just the schedule for the next 10 days for
the Extended Season folks! I can hardly wait to dive
into the schedule for the rest of the 130 or so
Winterovers! As you can tell, this is not the favorite
part of my job.


IowaMouse said...

Will there be a DISHER team this year??

Tom said...

Good Question! Not sure who will lead it since our head DISHER isn't here this year.

So glad I am not wintering said...

I laugh at you making a DA schedule. I laugh at you washing the dishes as the windchill nears Condition One outside and I walk around in flip-flops and shorts up north. I stick out my finger and laugh at you.