Saturday, February 09, 2008

How to Survive...Boredom

All of my day today was spent in training. Training
how to survive in the the the
cold. I don't EVEN LIKE to be outside that much, let
alone learn how to survive in it. Regardless, my good
friend, Caffeine, and I struggled through the Outdoor
Safety Lecture and the Outdoor Survival Class (Push
Class) that are both needed for wintering. I'm not
the most "outdoorsy" of types so there's not much
chance I'm going to fall through a crevasse or have
an urgent need to set up a tent and cook a dehydrated
meal in -100 fahrenheit temperatures, but hey, it got
me away from the office. Regardless, much like other
"required" classes, it seems a bit redundant after a
a few years, and yes, I might be glad someday that I can
light a MSR stove with diesel fuel (if I had to) or
set up a tent with a "dead man" anchor...but for now when
I'm in an office with no windows, it's hard to equate
that to the "Antarctic" experience. Maybe I sound a
little cranky. Maybe it's ok that I got to take a
class with several friends and I'm just being cynical.
Maybe I just need a nap.


Benjamin said...

Was your Push class taught by that girl that let a Nodwell roll down the hill with people in it (luckily no one died) while she bailed out and watched it roll over the edge? Mine was.

Tom said...

LOL...sadly (or not) no