Saturday, February 09, 2008


Ah Sunday morning. Sleeping in. Lynn actually sleeping in
also because she has escaped the night shift since Offload was
finished in three days! No sense of time and space. The phone
rings. I look at my clock. 10:10! Only 11 hours of sleep.
I strangely feel cheated. On the phone is our friend Amy,
inviting us up for coffee. She asks, "Were you sleeping?"
(obviously I'm not a great faker of being alert). "No", I lie,
and seconds later, caught in the lie by truthfully answering,
that we were in bed to the questions "What are you doing"
(I need to become a better liar). So I tell Amy that I will
call back in a few minutes, and then immediately go back to bed.
Lynn in the meantime guilts me into calling back. Although
conversations with Amy are highly interesting, my conversation
with my pillow is my current goal. I groggily go to the phone
and call. Amy's husband, Stefan answers the phone and I say
that we will be there in 30 minutes. Stefan is very confused.
Apparently Amy did not call from their room and he has no idea
what I am speaking of. 30 minutes later, we arrive in their
room. Little did I know that besides coffee we would be having
sushi. I LOVE sushi! And what a treat it is to have it instead
of Galley food for lunch. Yum! And because Amy and Stefan are
the experts of all things Eastern Europe (Stefan is from Bulgaria)
they pick our brains about our recent trip to Poland and Romania.
They are going to visit our friend Dani in Bucharest in a few
months. Because they also spent lots of time in Mexico several
years ago, I also pick their brains for that information. With
all that brain-picking going on...I'm glad it didn't end up in
the sushi!

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