Wednesday, February 13, 2008

This is Us

Some people who have never been here, wonder
what McMurdo looks like. Well...this is it.
Not a pretty picture is it. Some have compared
it to a cross between a Mining Town and a College
Campus. Hmm...probably closer to the Mining Town
unless your college campus is in someplace like
Siberia...or even West Virginia! There is some
topography in the area though as it gradually
slopes upward from the Ice/McMurdo Sound to the
dark volcanic hills surrounding the station. All
of those orange things are Milvans (Large metal
containers that one finds on ships), full of stuff.
Yes stuff. It can be nuts, bolts, toilet paper, name it. As ugly as it can look at
McMurdo, it's better than it was in the past where
box after box was scattered to the winds and raw
sewage was dumped into the Sound. I leave this
post with that appealing image floating (ha!) in
your head!

1 comment:

Upperroom said...

What is the co-ordinate of the station? I'll like to view it on google earth.