Saturday, March 01, 2008

Librarian Lynn

Tonight after work, I stopped by McMurdo's Library where
Lynn is the Librarian this winter. Although it's a
"voluntary" postion, she is paid for up to ten hours
per week for the job and is responsible for recruiting
and scheduling a team of true volunteers to fill the
nightly tasks needed to keep the library operating.
This includes checking in all of the new books that
arrived on vessel, taking care of patrons (anywhere
from 0-20 per day and maintaining the cleanliness and
orderliness of the place. It's a good little library
and it's actually better than some larger, better
financed places I've seen in the States. Plus, it
has Lynn as it's Head Librarian. That alone is well
worth the visit!


Benjamin said...

That is great to hear. However, it begs the question, did MJ not come back down this winter?

Tom said... MJ this year.