Friday, April 11, 2008


Today at 1700, MacOps ceased 24/7 operations for the
season. With no more helos flying and the last group
of folks back from the Black Island Road Camp, there
was no reason to be operating. The Firehouse is taking
all traffic calls from now until WINFLY. I've enjoyed
working in MacOps the last couple of months and I feel
like I've kind of come into my own on the radio the
past few weeks, reaching a pretty high level of comfort
with it. It was nice hearing people tell me that they
thought I was doing a good job when they heard me on
Channel 3, or having the people who were in a recent
SAR situation thanking me for "being there" on the
radio when they needed help. However, I'm ready for
winter to start and to do the main job I came down here
for. I'll still be in MacOps every week, talking to
the Pole, and I hope someday to work in MacOps again,
but a page for this season has definitely turned.

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