Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bags to Drag

Hopefully the last Bag Drag of the year took place
today. 100 people are due to leave tomorrow and
all of them brought their bags through Air Services
and I weighed them on the scales. The passengers
and their baggage were a combined weight of
21,864 pounds! That's actually only just over 218
pounds per person. Some folks must be dieting,
because the season average was around 235 pounds
per person. Plus, unlike bags at the new Heathrow
terminal in London, it's extremely doubtful any of
these bags will be lost. They, and their owners
are heading north...leaving us to our peace and
quiet of winter.


Benjamin said...

I would have been arriving on that flight tomorrow if Denver had decided that I could operate heavy machinery. However, the powers that be decided against it and Fleet Ops will be one short this winter and you will be on your own. Good luck and hopefully you won't be victim to anymore penguin attacks.

Steff said...

Nice picture of me traveling light :-) I only had one bag this year, honestly!