Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Honoring Mr. Cub

Recently, the Cubs finally unveiled a statue outside Wrigley
Field of Mr. Cub, Ernie Banks. Ernie is probably the most
popular Cub ever (especially my Mom's favorite Cub ever) and
it's about time they honored him with something other than
retiring his jersey number (14). However, they made a small
mistake on the granite pedestal holding the statue. Ernie's
famous trademark phrase, "Let's Play Two (signafying that it's
just a good day, let's play two games...a doubleheader) was
incorrectly spelled "Lets Play Two", leaving out the apostraphe.
It's since been corrected. Now Ernie can be known as a prolific
home run hitter, All-Star shortstop, humanitarian and honoree of
a statue with proper grammar.

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Benjamin said...

As great as it was to see Ernie Banks honored as Mr. Cub, it was just as sickening to see Jeff Conine honored as Mr. Marlin at the same time. I felt like it took something away from a TRUE baseball great. I'm sorry, your team has been around for a how long? 15 years? Tell me what, get to fifty years and you can start to talk about the people that have meant a lot to your organization, and hopefully they won't be a player that wore five different jerseys!