Wednesday, April 02, 2008

That's a Big Tank

The "Tank Guys" are finishing up the construction of
the new "2 Million Gallon Tank". The lid went on during
the past few days. It will eventually be painted, receive
stairs, rails and all the acutriments, but for the most
part, it's in the can...ha! There are tanks just as big
here, but this one is the closest to "town" and it's quite
a presence.


Michelle said...

Whoa that's big! What is it used for Tom?


Anonymous said...

Hi, Tom! Is that tank across from BFC?


Tom said...

Hi Michelle and Belinda...

It's across from the BFC, right about where FSTP used to be.

Michelle, it will hold fuel to run this place. Kind of a jet fuel that doesn't freeze easily