Friday, April 25, 2008

Warm Up America 2008

As usual, there's a large knitting contingent here
this winter and Lynn is in charge of McMurdo's
chapter of the Warm Up America Project. Those
participating knit or crochet a 7X9 inch square
and once there are enough squares created, they
are sewn together to make a blanket. The blanket
is then given away to a shelter or similar facility
off the Ice. The knitters will have their work cut
out for them this year as "power worker-bees" Linda
and Erika aren't on the Ice this winter and they
made huge contributions last winter. Me? No, I
don't knit. I often say that I know more about
knitting than anyone in the world that doesn't knit.
I can point out a number 4 needle from a number 6
needle and stuff like that (it's scarey) but I
just don't have the talent to do it. I think most
of the knowledge comes from following Lynn through
almost every yarn store on the planet...but that's
a different story...

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