Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Farewell Good Friend

Today was the both the last sunrise and sunset of the
season. We won't see the Sun anywhere near McMurdo
again until late August. It's interesting that this
last sunset comes and goes and no one really pays
attention to it. No ceremony, no speeches, no recognition
of any kind. There are no native peoples and never have
been in Antarctica so there's no record of anything
"tribal" occuring here either. I guess you would have
to talk to the Inuit or Lapps or some other group from
the far north to get the same feeling of what they did
throughout history. As long as the Earth maintains its
tilt mechanism and the Sun still exists in it's present
form, the Sun will return to our skies. It will be missed
however. I hope so. Somehow I think it might be miffed
(or at least disappointed) that we didn't do anything to
mark it's departure.


Nick said...

Today I was driving out to Pegasus with a co-worker. We noticed the blazing subverted light to the north.

He said, "We ain't seein' that fucker again for awhile."

IowaMouse said...

Wow, so now winter really has begun. Next up....midwinter! Yay! I'll celebrate for everyone there here!