Wednesday, April 23, 2008


The powers that be in the land up north have
decided that we will not have our traditional
WINFLY the third week of August. They're
replacing it with something officially called
ADVON, (Advanced Echelon...some vague military
term). What it comes down to though is that we
will not be leaving the third week of August as
planned. Instead we will be departing as early
as September 1st (not likely) or as late as
September 15th (more likely). This caused
several people to leave early last week that
were scheduled to Winter with us. They either
had definite plans for that period or had
immigration issues that they couldn't risk
fouling up because a date had changed. More
than likely we will only get three weeks off
before returning here for the Summer. As a
result, we can kiss our trip to Tibet, Nepal
and Bhutan goodbye as it was supposed to start
on September 4th. It seems like the folks who
are currently on the Ice might have been a bit
of an afterthought when the plans were being
drawn up for this period (whatever you want to
call it) but we are cogs in the machine and
that's the way it works. Can't get too upset
over it as it does mean three more weeks of pay
which will come in handy. My cynical side though
makes me wonder if they're planning on sending
a plane for us at all in five months.

"They said bidey-bye to them what they'd
birthed. And from the nothing, they looked back...
and Captain Walker hollered, Wait, one of us
will come! Wait, one of us will come! And
somebody did come. Walker! We's heartful to
you, Captain Walker. We's ready now. Take us

More information and dates to follow when received.


IowaMouse said...

You are planning on going back down for the summer? Then you won't be there next winter...dang. And I so wanted to see your travel pictures too.

Benjamin said...

It comes as no surprise that the powers that be would announce this decision a week after the last flight had left. They know how to treat their slaves.

Anonymous said...

this will truly be a LONG winter, eh? If anyone knows how to make the most of it, you do! Andrea

Tom said...

To be fair, they did announce it a week before the last flight so everyone had their chance to escape if needed. (trying to have a glass half full attitude)

Lori Murray said...

That's a bummer. I was looking forward to your pictures too. 3 weeks isn't much time off. Will you just hang around CHC?

Tom said...

Don't know what we're going to do. There's still a chance that Winfly could happen as usual, but by that time we find out for sure, it'll be too late to make any major travel plans. We might just save our money and take a major trip after the summer season.