Thursday, May 01, 2008

208 Open House

We've been living on the second floor of Dorm 208
every winter since we've been coming here and usually
it's a pretty quiet place to live. This year isn't
much different, but there are some new folks that
haven't wintered before living on the floor and
they decided to host a hall party. We werent' going
to participate at first but we decided to and I'm
really glad we did. Half the station showed up and
for once, our quiet little floor seemed to be the
center of the station. It was fun to have all kinds
of people drop by our room and tell us they thought
it was "colorful" and "cozy". We even found out
that one guy here is from Bullfrog Utah, near Lake
Powell, and he flies in and out of Grand Junction
when coming down to the Ice.

Earlier in the week we borrowed a DVD copy of Wonder
Showzen from our friend Nick and showed it in our room
during the Hall Party. This show is definitely
"F'ed Up". Picture Sesame Street on crack! It's
really funny but really really disturbing at the
same time. I really can't explain it more than that
and it's definitely not for everyone, but it really
made me laugh. It's kind of like watching some kind
of want to turn away from it but you
can't! Anyway, it left us rolling on the floor and
our sides were hurting!

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IowaMouse said..., no pictures of this "colorful" and "cozy" room for all of us off ice to enjoy?