Friday, May 02, 2008

Just Smurfy!

Remember the Smurfs? They were those creepy little
guys back in the early 80's. I could never
understand their popularity, let alone why there was
only one old Smurf and only one girl Smurf and all
these other "young" smurfs that all looked alike
except one had glases... Yeah, those guys. Anyway,
there's a Smurf here at McMurdo and it's called the
"Smurf Shack" or "Smurf Hut" depending on who you're
talking to and in what context. Anyway, this is the
"Old" Smurf Shack and it's used primarily as a warming
hut for folks working out at Pegasus. It even has
skis on it so it can be towed around when needed. A
newer version went out on the South Pole Traverse
this year. Right now it's the only light you can see
outside of town for miles and miles away. It's
kind of spooky looking out there and knowing that no
one is there and that little shack is kind alone...
except for one old man Smurf and one girl Smurf,
making little...wait...just my imagination running
away from me again. Why is it called the Smurf Shack
you ask??? Because it's blue...that's why! Duh!

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