Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Christian Otto on Everest

Our Winterover physician in 2003, Dr. Christian Otto, has
summitted Mount Everest. Along with his brother, Eric they
were members of the Canadian Mt. Everest Medical Operations
Expedition. Follow this link to more details of the expedition:

Canadian Mt. Everest Medical Operations Expedition 2008

Christian did a fine job as our physician in 2003 and he's one
of the most physically fit people I've ever met. You'd have to
be to make this climb.

All photos courtesy of:
Canadian Mt. Everest Medical Operations Expedition 2008

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Jami said...

I am a teacher at Pearl Hall Elementary in South Houston, Texas and we have done a "virtual climb" with Christian & Eric the entire expedition ending with a 45 minute video conference this morning from "Sea Level to Summit". Students in grades 2-4 spent the time hearing first hand of the Otto brothers' adventures and asking questions ranging from "How did you feel when you realized your treatment for a sherpa who had a stroke saved his life?" to "When will you go extreme climbing again?" to "Is it so cold you wish YOU had Yak fur?!" A truly great learning experience for children living 30 feet above sea level. Students created Everest art , songs and explored the high alpine life through emails from Dr. Otto, library and internet research, math, geography, science and writing lessons with teachers on many different grade levels. Check out the expedition web site at where you can also view the school outreach and the "Tribute to Pearl Hall Elementary" dispatch #25. Thanks so much for the adventure to the top of the world!

Cheers from Houston!

Jami Lupold and the teachers and students of Pearl Hall Elementary