Friday, May 30, 2008

Ice Cream Headache

Have you ever gotten that feeling of eating ice cream
too fast and then feeling like your head was going to
explode? Would you like to have that feeling almost
every day? Then move to Antarctica, where ice cream
headaches are the norm. It seems like the wind is
always blowing in your face and you're always walking
up hill. Bad combination as the wind hits you square
in the face. Not a warm, tropical wind either and if
you're not fully bundled up, including your face and
forehead, that wind will smack you good. As a result
the old brain bucket gets so cold it feels frozen. So
this morning apparently I didn't dress appropriately (See
the photo of Lynn as a model of how to properly dress)
and I felt like I just ate a pint of chocolate chip cookie
dough Ben and Jerry's in 1 minute flat. Not a good
feeling. So as my forehead thawed out, I contemplated
the errors of my ways and then immediately went outside...
without a hat. Apparently my brain DID freeze.

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