Sunday, May 04, 2008


Where else but McMurdo would this be one of the nicest
places in town. For McMurdo standards, Hut 10 is the
best place around when having small get togethers or
small parties with a few friends. In other locales, it
would probably be a crack house...or at least condemned.
Lynn and I reserved Hut 10 this weekend and had some
friends over today. Even though we hadn't planned it,
we celebrated Cinco de Mayo by making Green Chile and
breakfast burritos for brunch and then Pad Thai and Pizza
for dinner. Where else could you get Pizza and Pad Thai
for Cinco de Mayo? We capped off the day by playing
a "rousing" game of Global Pursuit. So instead of
sitting around McMurdo on our Sunday, we travelled the
world, eating MexItalThai and learning about the earth,
playing a pre-fall-of-the-Soviet-Union-20-year-old
geography board game. What could be better?

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