Friday, May 16, 2008

No Sunspots

This is one of those times I'm trying to jinx myself.
We haven't had good auroras all year so I thought I
would write about having no auroras. Sure, we had
some white ones and some fair ones a few Sundays
ago. However nothing compared to the auroras we
experienced last May. To have good auroras, you
typically need sunspot activity on what else...The
Sun. There's been hardly any sunspot activity
lately. This oval that you see should be very bright
red. It's not looking very red...just yellow. So
today I volunteered to host some aurora-sighting
trips up to the Arrival Heights area in the next
few months. My thought process is kind of like washing
your car, hoping for rain. Writing about the lack
of auroras, hoping for them to appear. Maybe...
Could be...probably not.

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